About Us

The name “UzaUziwa” is a Swahili word which¬† originates from an english word (sell-buy) meaning an individual opts to sell or buy as the name describes it self (uza-sell, uziwa-buy). This gives an individual or an entity the choice to buy or sell a product that is either used or brand new. A price is set which gives room for the buyer to select a preferable product. Once the product is selected, the buyer communicates with the seller and payments are directly made through selected channels of payment.

What We Do

We bring sellers and buyers together through a convenient platform that allows sellers and buyers to interact freely through email or chat and strike a deal. Our service is free for both buyers and sellers.

How it Works

Create Account

A seller is required to create an account on the website by registering through email. Registration is free.

Post your Ad

The seller posts products on the website offering all pertinent details about the product including price.

Get Offers

Buyers after seeing the product advert can contact the seller directly to express their buying intention.

Sell Your Item

Buyer and seller agree on the price and the delivery/collection method and close the deal.

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Customers Say About Us

I really love this website. The fact that its free to post my ads is simply amazing. I couldn't believe that such a service can be free. The best classified ads website ever!

David Lee

CEO, TechHb

As a seller I find this website really useful and easy to use. Its very user friendly while at the same time having all the neccessary tools to allow me to interact with buyers freely.

Tom Steven

Freelance Designer

Got the products delivered in our doorstep quickly, the customer support was super helpful and they answered all my queries in time. Highly recommended!

Mike Hussey

Journalist, NewAge